Camilla Jensen

is a photographer and writer born in Norway 1967, based on a peninsula outside Oslo.

Jensen has worked on assignments for various magazines, companies and NGOs. She has published several books on food, illustrated poetry, book- and cd covers, and photographed performing artists and musicians. Her work has been shown in both solo- and group exhibitions in Europe and the US.

Jensen is one of nine photographers in volume III of the biannual anthology Norwegian Journal of Photography (2017) with her recent work – Quantum. An extended presentation of this project, including an essay exploring aspects of family borne patterns is published as a book by Schilt Publishing (pre launch at AIPAD in New York April 2018) parallel to an exhibition at Lumina Gallery in Oslo spring 2018 .

Camilla Jensen is a proud ambassador for Canson Fine Art Paper / Grafisk Papir AS.



Tom Penn, Director of The Irving Penn Foundation:

“Involved on a daily basis in the world of photography as Director of the Irving Penn Foundation, I am privileged to see a tremendous amount of work by numerous artists. Within this river of work, some photographers stand out based on their invention and selective style. Camilla Jensen is one of those few. Her remarkable sensitivity to light is exemplary as well as her ability to draw one into the personal world of her complex visions. The imagery of Jensen is not based on only what is seen but what is behind the visible. Her work is demanding of the viewer, her timeless photography holds frozen a philosophical paradox. Within this quiet resolute, always enshrouded in unexpected light, lies a scream of the personal love of life itself. The captures of Jensen pose more to question than to provide an answer. This challenge therefor requires of the viewer to become totally engaged and is testament to her art.

Her current series of self portraits is especially wonderful in its mysterious and gently erotic nature, presented without the omnipresent shock factor that is so prevalent in our times. Here Jensen creates a window through which we can share her vision - yet refined to a calculated amount - leaving the viewer with a hint of her dream but not revealing the complete intimacy. Again as in other projects, her work is not based on only what is seen, but what is interpreted from behind the visible. This is unique and important.”

Peter MacGill, Director of Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York:

“It is a pleasure to write about Camilla Jensen's work. At a time when so much of what is going on in photography addresses the issues of scale, legibility and color, Jensen's work provides a visual anchor to what is really important. I find that when I look at her imagery I learn about the state of the human condition in the most intimate and sensitive of ways. Her use of focus, tone and the architecture in which we find the subject touches me deeply. Jensen's work forms a kind of visual poetry, which can be read again and again, with each reading, new meaning can be found. I realize that this is not easy to do and so respect the fact that she has stayed the course to tell a profound and universal story.”